Poultry: Smart factory developed in Singapore

Smart factory developed in Singapore

Singapore Poultry Hub

SINGAPORE, Singapore. Singapore Poultry Hub is setting up the first smart and green factory for the poultry industry in Singapore with a $40 mill. loan secured from United Overseas Bank (UOB).

The new factory will help Singapore Poultry Hub to improve their productivity by 26% and to increase their capacity by 70%.

The smart factory will also feature a new waste management system to reduce the amount of waste generated by the poultry processors. Instead of disposing all the poultry waste, the system will convert part of it into protein that will be used as an ingredient for livestock feed. This will help the company become more sustainable in its operations and reduces their waste by 60 t per day. The innovative waste management system is an example of a market-led innovation under Foodlnnovate, a multi-agency initiative led by Enterprise Singapore.

Singapore Poultry Hub is a joint venture among five parties, namely Mr. Tan Chin Long and four poultry producers and processors: Tong Huat Poultry Processing Factory, Kee Song Holdings Pte Ltd, Sinmah Holdings (S) Pte Ltd and Tysan Food Pte Ltd.

Singapore Poultry Hub will work with partners such as the trade and enterprise development agency, Enterprise Singapore, to employ smart technologies such as robotics, Industry 4.0 technologies and the industrial Internet of things at its new factory.


Source: United Overseas Bank Limited Co.


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