Pork: EU pork exports on record sales

EU pork exports on record sales

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EU countries exported more than half of their pigmeat to China.
EU countries exported more than half of their pigmeat to China.

BELGIUM, Brussels. According to the EU Commission, export revenues reached €4.84 bn., which was €1.26 bn. or 35.0% more than in the period from January to April 2019, almost half of which came from customers in China, who paid a total of €2.37 bn. for cuts, sausages or offal delivered, two and a half times as much as in the same period last year.

The increase in exports in terms of value was much more pronounced than in terms of volume due to higher selling prices compared to 2019. Pork exports from the 27 member states increased by 147,200 t or 8.2% to 1.94 mill. t carcass weight (cw).

As in previous months, this growth was solely due to China's extensive demand. 1.07 mill. t of pork were delivered to the People's Republic, an increase of 466,540 t or 77.6% compared to the first third of 2019. China's export share thus continued to climb, most recently reaching 54.9%. By contrast, the EU sold less pork to all other destinations. Exports to the new third country Great Britain fell by almost 30% to 249,090 t, and a total of 14.5% less goods were shipped to Japan with 135,800 t. The situation was hardly any better for Australia, South Korea, the USA or the Philippines, where export volumes were between 31.6% and 58.6% below the previous year's level.

Among the EU countries, Spain is increasingly becoming the top export country. Compared to the first four months of 2019, the Iberians were able to increase their pork deliveries to third countries by 34.2% to 511,930 t, which is above average. In comparison, the growth in German exporters was rather modest at 7.3% to 427,300 t. Although they were able to achieve a strong increase of 27.3% to 238,240 t in the frozen pork category, sales of bacon and by-products declined at the same time. The number three EU exporter, Denmark, increased its pork sales to third countries by 16.3% to 331,370 t. In contrast, deliveries from France to the world market fell by 6.7% to 98,470 t, and in the case of Poland by as much as 30.9% to 96,240 t.


Source: fleischwirtschaft.de; AgE


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