Pork: Dutch consumer awareness trial launched

Dutch consumer awareness trial launched


THE NETHERLANDS, The Hague. Pork producer Vion, agricultural association ZLTO and retailer Albert Heijn have teamed up with the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs to increase consumer awareness about where pork comes from.

In a trial funded by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, and organised by retailer Albert Heijn, pork producer Vion and the Dutch Zuidelijke Landen Tuinbouworganisatie (ZLTO), 200,000 pork products will have a QR code placed on them, enabling consumers to see production information.

The Better Life label code leads to http: //www.ah.nl/over-ah/meer-doen/animal/pig which extensively describes how the pork gets from the stable to the shelf.

The Secretary of State is to send a report to the House with further proposals to increase transparency in the food chain. Together with the Alliance Sustainability Food, which includes the agricultural and horticultural sector, the food industry and supermarkets, he is examining the possibility of a central database in which all required information on the composit ion, origin and processing products is collected. The project will also consider how the information can be made available to consumers.


Source: Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs


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