Poly-clip: New training dates 2018

New training dates 2018

Poly-clip System

GERMANY, Hattersheim a. M. Also in 2018 Poly-clip System offers its customers and partners’ practical training on its clipping machinery.

The trainings are held in English or in the national language (with interpreter) and are addressed to technical staff.

Technical function and options of the machinery are explained. Exchange of wear parts and maintenance are explained and exemplarily carried out on the machine.

Training dates 2018 – 1st term:
• FCA 120/160: 7/8 February; 15/16 May
• FCA 80: 6 February; 8 March
• PDC / PDC-A 600/700: 9 March
• FCA 100/140: 5/6 June
• ICA: 6/7 March; 17/18 May
• TSCA 120/160: 13/14 March

Mrs. Schultheis from Poly-clip System GmbH & Co. KG accepts registrations by phone (+49 6190 8886-344) or E-mail (training@polyclip.de).


Source: Poly-clip System


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