Poland: Third largest poultry exporter in the...

Third largest poultry exporter in the world

AlexasFotos / pixabay.com

POLAND, Wroclaw. Poland is currently the world's third poultry exporter in terms of value, according to official data presented by UN Comtrade and Credit Agricole Bank Polska.

In 2004, the country's poultry exports totaled only $300 mill., making Poland the world's 9th poultry exporter. Back then, countries such as China and Hungary ranked better in terms of exports.

Nevertheless, the expansion of the poultry industry, foreign investments and complete access to the EU single market have increased the value of poultry exports year by year, according to a chart realized by Jakub Olipra, economist and agricultural market analyst at Credit Agricole Bank Polska.

Entering in 2018 the top three world poultry exporters was a significant step for the Polish poultry sector. Poland is also the only European country that opened the Chinese poultry market. For now, exports of poultry to China have been increasing slowly but that could change rapidly is the ASF situation in Asia is going to create a stronger demand for animal protein, poultry being a cheap alternative for pork.


Source: Credit Agricole Bank Polska


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