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Plastic waste

Südpack invests in joint project with Recenso

Pilot plant of the Recenso company, which processes plastic waste.
Pilot plant of the Recenso company, which processes plastic waste.

GERMNAY, Ochsenhausen. Südpack advocates the establishment of chemical recycling as a complementary technology to mechanical recycling, which has not been suitable for processing the complex laminated films of the packaging industry. Collaboration with Recenso, a specialist in the implementation of systems for resource recovery, marks an initial pioneering step by the leading film manufacturer towards an efficient circular economy in the market.

Maximum product protection, which means maximum consumer protection, makes the use of laminated films essential. These films are composed of multiple layers of different polymers and ensure, among other things, a long shelf life and low packaging weight. Unfortunately, traditional mechanical recycling has its limitations in dealing with these materials. As a result, this valuable packaging cannot be made part of a closed loop.

The engineers of Recenso have developed a process that also makes it possible to convert mixed plastic fractions into a liquid and universally usable hydrocarbon mixture, which can then be reused by the chemical industry as raw material for producing plastics of the highest quality. The innovative plants for direct oiling work according to the Carboliq process and are unique in the world. An industrial-scale pilot plant was created at the waste management center in Ennigerloh. 

The collaboration that was recently concluded between the two leaders in technology and now aims to convert production-related reusable materials into high-quality pyrolysis oil on an industrial scale. The produced pyrolysis oil will be supplied to the plastics industry as raw material for producing high-quality granules of virgin-grade quality. The goal is to use this material for producing product packaging in industries with high quality and hygiene standards, such as the food and medical product industries.

Source: Südpack


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