Pizza Pizza: Antibiotics banned
Pizza Pizza

Antibiotics banned

Pizza Pizza

CANADA, Toronto, Ontario. Canada's leading pizza chain is kicking off the new year and its 50th anniversary with a commitment to ensuring all chicken products that are a part of its menu are raised without the use of antibiotics.

The change is effective immediately, on everything from chicken wings and boneless chicken bites to chicken tenders and grilled chicken topping, making Pizza Pizza among the first major pizza chains to make the switch. The chain's chicken bites, chicken strips and chicken sandwiches are also made with 100% white breast meat, not ground.

The Raised Without the use of Antibiotics label assures consumers that products are sourced from chickens raised without antibiotics in any manner, from birth to harvest. Additionally, Pizza Pizza's chicken products are sourced from chickens that are fed a vegetable grain diet, without animal by-products.

In the course of its 50-year history, Pizza Pizza has played a leadership role in other food and ingredient-related innovations, including being among the first chains to introduce gluten-free pizzas, and eliminate trans fats and artificial flavours and colours from its menu.


Source: Pizza Pizza Limited