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Distribution rights for Mondarella acquired

Phw Group

ITALY, Valledoria / GERMANY, Rechterfeld. Italian start-up Aixa Trade has launched the first vegan, milk-free almond-based mozzarella: Mondarella is the name of the herbal product and it is based on an almond content of 18%. The Phw Group and Aixa Trade announced their strategic distribution partnership.

In concrete terms, this means that the German family business from Lower Saxony has acquired the distribution rights for the whole of Europe and will supply Mondarella to both the food service sector and the classic food retail trade from spring 2020. The product launch will be supported by a rich campaign in TV, posters, and the social media."Our strategic distribution partnership with Aixa Trade is an exciting addition to our alternative protein sources business, which is currently under development. We are bringing to these partnerships our strong sales expertise and decades of European market expertise to make this new generation of crop-based products a success as quickly as possible. Mondarella is an all-rounder and is suitable for many dishes such as caprese, salads, burgers and pizza. Above all, the vegetable product is a very nutritious food due to its almond base and therefore fits perfectly into our portfolio of alternative protein products," explains Marcus Keitzer, Phw board member for alternative protein sources.

Aixa Trade is dedicated to the further development of classics of Italian cuisine, but vegan and almond based. Mondarella looks astonishingly similar to the classic buffalo mozzarella and is distinguished above all by its creamy taste. The product consists of four main ingredients: Almonds, olive oil, sea salt and water.

"People today are no longer only interested in environmental protection, fair trade or a healthy lifestyle. Today, a product can only survive if it offers enjoyment with all the senses in addition to a positive attitude towards life. This is exactly why Mondarella is not only for people who want a plant-based diet. The bottom line is that it is simply the perfect complement for health-conscious lovers of Italian cuisine," says Piero Brunetti, CEO of Aixa Trade.


Source: Phw Group


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