Petition against tax on rotisserie chicken

by Editor
Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The British Poultry Council (BPC), Morrisons and a cross party group of MPs delivered a petition of over 50,000 signatures to the Treasury, concerning the tax on rotisserie chicken.

The petition, which secured strong support between 10 September and 28 October 2012, has been delivered a week before the Budget to express concern at how widely the tax on rotisserie chicken was felt amongst consumers, food producers and farmers alike. The British Poultry Council and Morrisons are urging the Chancellor to remember British poultry producers and retailers in next week’s Budget Speech.

In last year’s Budget on 21 March 2012, the Chancellor announced that VAT would be introduced on rotisserie chicken from 1 October 2012. In September 2012, Morrisons and the British Poultry Council together launched the ‘Don’t Tax Our Roast’ campaign in protest of the tax.

The industry states that the price increase has led to a fall in sales of approximately 18% with the Treasury pocketing approximately £13.35 million in VAT since the tax was introduced. Both BPC and Morrisons have questioned the real benefit of the revenue to the Treasury, delivered at the expense of hard-pressed consumers and poultry producers across the UK.