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High-barrier food packaging guarantees food safety

The food packaging company ensures that production continues for its customers to meet safety and supply chain demands.
The food packaging company ensures that production continues for its customers to meet safety and supply chain demands.

ITALY, San Daniele. The majority of the materials made in AMB’s four plants across Europe are used to supply international manufacturers of chilled, fresh, frozen and long shelf life food products, the continued supply of which is critical during the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic.

AMB produces high-barrier materials for the protection of food through food packaging. The company is playing a crucial role during the international shutdown caused by the coronavirus: not only because it is a key part in food supply chain, but also because its products guarantee outstanding hygiene and long shelf life for food products. AMB films are helping to keep consumers safe and allowing the food industry to meet high levels of demand by keeping food on the shelves longer.

High-barrier materials that the company produces play a critical role in protecting food from the external environment and preventing it from deteriorating making sure food stays fresher, safe and on our shelves for longer.

Knowing that the company’s production is now more than ever inextricably linked to the importance of international food supply, AMB is taking measures to provide support for its customers.

Giles Peacock, AMB COO, said: “In recent weeks, a large number of our customers have contacted us looking for reassurance because they need AMB to carry on manufacturing right now. The orders are rapidly increasing and we have to show to our customers that we are ready to face this difficult moment without any fragility. Almost six weeks ago, we set up a supervisory group to deal with the situation, whose focus has been the management of customer concern and the implementation of emergency risk policies through the business.”

This has been made possible thanks to the production capacity over four facilities, two in England and two in Italy, which are operating continuously and through a reorganization, delivering more production capacity.


Source: AMB packaging


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