Pakistan sees great opportunities in poultry

Pakistan sees great opportunities in poultry

Pakistan's per capita consumption of poultry products at the rate of 6.5 kg is far below that of other developing countries of the world.

According to the Ministry of National Food Security and Research (NFS&R) per capita poultry consumption of the country is 6.5 kg per annum, which is far below than other developing countries as in India it is around 13 kg, in Saudi Arabia 48 kg, in Sri Lanka 26 kg, Malaysia 40 kg, Indonesia 28 kg and Iran 24 kg, adding that Pakistan's potential per capita poultry consumption is 65 kg.

Pakistan's per annum poultry production stands at 1.65 bill. broilers or 3.2 bill. kg of broiler meat, but due to ever increasing price of the commodity the poultry consumption has been witnessing a decline for past few years. At present, live chicken prices are revolving around Rs 150 per kg to Rs 200 per kg, while of chicken meat the range is between Rs 300 per kg to Rs 380 per kg.

As compared to other sources of protein chicken is still cheaper as beef is being sold at Rs 380 per kg and mutton at Rs 600 per kg, but due to increase in input costs and depreciation of the Pakistani Rupee value against the US dollar the price of poultry products is witnessing an increase.

A famous multinational food chain operating in Pakistan is importing chicken products from China and the government has exempted it from taxes on the plea that China is Pakistan's close friend, but this act of the government has put the growth of local industry at stake.

The government is taking steps to introduce modern diagnostic facilities in required areas to improve poultry output in the country. Pakistan has great export potential in the poultry industry and can also tap into the growing demand of Halal food world-wide. The ministry is taking all possible measures for exploiting this potential to increase the export of Halal food from the country.

The poultry industry contributes about 1.7% of the GDP while at the same time it was providing 1.7 mill. jobs to skilled, semi skilled and unskilled workers. Moreover poultry industry has also played an important role in alleviating poverty by improving rural economy.
Source: The Ministry of National Food Security and Research (NFS&R) of Pakistan