Outbreak: Corona at Wiesenhof

Corona at Wiesenhof

The turkey slaughterhouse is majority-owned by the PHW Group.
The turkey slaughterhouse is majority-owned by the PHW Group.

GERMANY, Visbek. Following the severe corona outbreak at Tönnies in North Rhine-Westphalia, the virus has now also been discovered in a Wiesenhof farm of the PHW Group in Lower Saxony.

At the Wiesenhof slaughterhouse Geestland Putenspezialitäten (GPS) in Wildeshausen in Lower Saxony (district of Wildeshausen), 23 employees tested positive for the corona virus. The PHW Group, which has a majority shareholding in GPS, has now commissioned an external laboratory to test all of its approximately 1,100 production employees for Covid-19. This has been confirmed by a company spokesperson at the request of the "Lebensmittel Zeitung" (LZ). According to this, further results are expected on Friday this week.

"We have acted immediately, are working closely with the authorities and want to clarify matters quickly," says GPS Managing Director Norbert Deeken. Over the weekend, GPS had gained knowledge of an employee who had fallen ill with the coronavirus. A series test carried out on Monday was positive for 23 of 50 employees, the news agency dpa quotes a spokesperson for the Oldenburg district. A Wiesenhof employee in Lohne had already tested positive for the virus in early June.

The PHW Group had announced on Tuesday that it would bid farewell to the work contract practice. Employees employed on contracts for work and labour in the areas relevant to poultry meat production are to be taken on as permanent employees.

In the top list published by afz - allgemeine fleischer zeitung, the PHW Group occupies fourth place in the ranking of the 100 largest companies in the meat industry in this country. According to this ranking, the Group achieved a total turnover of € 2.58 bn. in 2018.



Source: lebensmittelzeitung.net, fleischwirtschaft.de / dfv Mediengruppe


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