Olymel: Pork processing plant in Alberta

Pork processing plant in Alberta

Michael Hermsdorf / pixelio.de

CANADA, Red Deer, Alberta. Olymel management is announcing an investment of $2 mill. to convert a section of its pork processing plant in Red Deer, Alberta. The investment aims to equip the plant to manufacture fresh sausages for the Western Canadian market. This new processing activity will require modernized refrigeration facilities as well as new equipment in a separate section of the plant. The work will begin in mid-July and will create 20 new jobs which will be added to the current workforce of more than 1,400 employees.

"Thanks to this strategic investment, the Olymel Red Deer plant in Alberta is diversifying its local activities and enabling it, among other things, to add value to some of its raw materials. The new section for fresh sausage production at the Red Deer plant is an integral part of an investment plan directed at greater penetration in the Western Canadian market to meet growing demand for sausage products manufactured in Canada," said Réjean Nadeau, President and CEO of Olymel.

This new activity at the Red Deer plant will reduce transport transit times for the Western Canadian market: customers will therefore benefit from product with better shelf-life. The implementation of this new activity will enable Olymel to expand its business base and serve the Western Canadian market even better in product categories such as breakfast and fresh sausages as well as bulk sausage meat.

Olymel L.P. is Canada's leader in the production, processing and distribution of pork and poultry meats. The Company has made feeding the world its mission, which it pursues passionately with products of impeccable quality. The company employs over 11,000 persons and has production and processing facilities in Québec, Ontario, Alberta, New Brunswick and Saskatchewan. Olymel exports nearly a third of its total sales. Its annual sales are on the order of $ 3.2 bn. The company markets its products mainly under the Olymel, Lafleur and Flamingo brands.

Source: Olymel


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