Novum Capital acquires ES-Plastic

Novum Capital acquires ES-Plastic

Established in 1966, ES-Plastic GmbH & Co. KG remained an owner-operated business until the end of 2001, when it was taken over by the Plasticos Packaging Group based in Switzerland. Now, after some 11 years, Plasticos Packaging Group and its principal shareholder Harald W. Kessler have stepped aside to make way for the new shareholder Novum Capital Beratungsgesellschaft mbH.

To mark the changeover, the company is now trading as ES-Plastic GmbH.

With immediate effect, the former General Manager Werner Holl is joined at the head of the business by the two Managing Directors of Novum Capital, Beatrice Dreyfus and Felix Hölzer.

The former subsidiary company, Alma Extrusions AG, with production facilities in Cormagens (CH), has been sold to the Plasticos Packaging Group. ES-Plastic retains its plants in Guttenhofen/ Hutthurm, Passau and Troisdorf.

With the change in shareholding, ES-Plastic GmbH now has access to increased capital resources and will continue to focus on innovation, product development, high quality standards, service and expansion. No essential changes are anticipated in the underlying strategy pursued by the company to date.

ES-Plastic GmbH & Co. KG specializes in the development and manufacture of plastic packaging solutions. State-of-the-art computer and production technology are employed to manufacture trays, cups, lids, dividers and film for the food industry.
Source: ES-Plastic