News in FleischWirtschaft International 4/14

News in FleischWirtschaft International 4/14

Contents of Fleischwirtschaft International No. 4, September 2014 Contents of Fleischwirtschaft International No. 4, September 2014

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World Meat Congress
Tackling global challenges together

Hans-Wilhelm Windhorst
The dominating position of Asia will be strengthened

Manfred Jäckle
High-speed doors avoid bottlenecks

Industrial Construction
Josef Kuon
One floor or several levels?

Michael Trautwein
Games with wood and metal?

Geert Leenen
Complete exploitation is sustainable

Ralph Swinka
Ensuring uninterrupted safety

Shelf Life
Lene Meinert and Hardy Christensen
Calculation helps meat processors

Thomas Kersten
"Back to the roots" at the press of a button

Research & Development

Y.P. Gadekar, B.D. Sharma, A.K. Shinde, R. Thomas and S.K. Mendiratta
: Usage of sodium ascorbate and alpha tocopherol acetate

A. Soriano, M. Á. González Viñas and A. García Ruiz: Physicochemical and sensory quality of commercial Spanish dry-cured venison cecina

P. Simón, J. Grao, X. Barber, F.J. Dominguez Orive, J. Fernández-López and E. Sendra: Effect of knife sanitation on the surface microbial load of beef carcasses during the removal of the hide

A. Rybarczyk, R. Drozd, T. Karamucki and M. Jakubowska: The effect of rapid and conventional carcass chilling on pork quality with high intramuscular fat

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