News in FleischWirtschaft International 3/13

News in FleischWirtschaft International 3/13

Contents of FleischWirtschaft International No. 3, June 2013 Contents of FleischWirtschaft International No. 3, June 2013

IFFA Preview

Food Safety
Lis Alban and Flemming Thune-Stephensen:
Succesfully controlling BSE

Dirk Willem Kleingeld:
Animal welfare aspects in fish processing

Measuring Methods
Anna Schweiger, Johanna Fischer and Klaus Troeger: Optimal positioning of the sticking incision

Quality Control
Andrew Brunt: Rapid at-line fat measurement

Uwe Vogel and Maren Oelgemöller:
Smoking raw sausage safely and sustainably

Food Safety
Walter G. Pozzi:
Safe short-ripened raw sausage

Norbert Hoffmann:
Central reducing of bacteria in circulating air

Lene Meinert and Lene Duedahl-Olesen:
Healthy and succulent barbecued meat

Research & Development

F. Giarratana, D. Muscolino, C. Beninati, G. Ziino, G. Giuffrida and A. Panebianco:
Effects of thyme and rosemary essential oil on microbiology and shelf life of Italian Mortadella

J. Diakun and M. Sencio:
Changes of the beef meat tendinous-tenderness coefficient after massaging and cooking using Warner-Bratzler test

A. Tyburcy, T. Florowski and S. Krajewska:
Antioxidant properties of various cranberry-derived ingredients in precooked and raw meat patties

G. Vijaybhaskar Reddy, A. Ratan Sen, P. Neelakandan Nair, K. Kondal Reddy and K. Sudhakar Reddy:
Quality characteristics of restructured mutton slices developed by cold-set binding system

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