News in FleischWirtschaft International 2/14

News in FleischWirtschaft International 2/14

Contents of FleischWirtschaft International No. 2, April 2014 Contents of FleischWirtschaft International No. 2, April 2014

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Friedrich-Wilhelm Busse
Production is carried out in Kazakhstan

Showing the entire value chain

Stefan Krakow
Increasing output on a grand scale

Reiner Jedermann, Miriam Mack and Judith Kreyenschmidt
Intelligent containers for the entire supply chain

Robert Wild
Packaging keeps taste and consistency

What’s new at Interpack 2014?

Product inspection
Simon King
Solving the quality equation

Mark Boom and Marten van Zoelen
Texture determines the sensory quality

Henk W. Hoogenkamp
Easiness of preparation is a welcome bonus

Friedrich Moser
Efficient cooling assures reliable processing

Lene Meinert and Margit D. Aaslyng
Understanding consumer preferences

Research & Development

Rajendran Thomas, Nashrin Jebin, Madan Kumar Tamuli and Dilip Kumar Sarma

Bamboo shoot extract – a potential natural preservative for pork nuggets at refrigeration temperature (4±1 °C) storage

Katharina Stollewerk, Anna Jofré, Josep Comaposada, Jacint Arnau and Margarita Garriga
Food Safety in fast drying of dry-cured meat products – High pressure and NaCl-free processing implementation

Michał Piatek, Hanna Maria Baranowska and Mirosława Krzywdziñska-Bartkowiak

Modern thawing methods and muscle structure

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