News in FleischWirtschaft International 2/13

News in FleischWirtschaft International 2/13

Contents of FleischWirtschaft International No. 2, April 2013 Contents of FleischWirtschaft International No. 2, April 2013

IFFA Preview

Mechanical engineering
Beatrix Fraese:
Awaiting IFFA in a confident mood

Food Chain
Nicky Amos and Rory Sullivan:
Responding on animal welfare

Product Development
Henk Hoogenkamp:
Building a better hybrid burger – Part 2

Thomas Kersten and Jan Seidel:
A link between all key processes

Sodium Reduction
Lonneke van Dijk:
Putting salt on hold

Lene Meinert, Chris Claudi-Magnussen and Susanne Støier:
Limits for the detection of boar taint

Merel Postma and Jeroen Dewulf:
International awareness demanded

Daniel Dimitrov:
Producing on the straight way

Deb Smith:
Hygiene control in pig processing

Abdulatef Mrghni Ahhmed and Ryoichi Sakata:
Canada saw the meat experts

Research & Development

M. Elias and A. V. Carrascosa:
Physicochemical, microbiological and sensory changes during storage in “Paio do Alentejo”, a traditional Portuguese Iberian sausage

L. Cabezas, E. Galán and J. Fernández-Salguero:
Relationships between physico-chemical and sensory characteristics of three types of dry-cured hams

T.-Ch. Wan, Ch.-Y. Lin, H.-Y. Kuo, L.-Ch. Lin and R. Sakata:
Effects of fattening methods on the carcass and meat quality of Taiwanese buffalo

T. Sattler and F. Schmoll:
An animal-friendly alternative to surgical castration

S. Joseph, M. K. Chatli, A. K. Biswas and J. Sahoo:
Efficacy of lyophilized tomato peel powder as an antioxidant in raw pork emulsion

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