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by Editor
Friday, February 28, 2014

Contents of FleischWirtschaft International No. 1, February 2014
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Henk Hoogenkamp
Transfats phasing out the market

Ulrike Kleiner and Victoria Kraszon
Controlling surface counts

Ralph Bittner
Hygienic air and surfaces

Mikhail Lvovich Fayvishevskiy
Low-waste technology minimises losses

Food Safety
Michael Erkes
Ripening and protective cultures in dry sausage

Hartmut Harders
Uniform air distribution is the key to quality

Market Research
Tina Vukasovic
Poultry is on the upswing

Research & Development

Cezary Purwin, Stanislaw Milewski, Tomasz Daszkiewicz, Barbara Pysera, Zenon Tanski and Katarzyna Zabek
Slaughter value and meat quality of lambs fed silages from different plant species

Arup Ratan Sen, Muthupalani Muthukumar, Naveena B. Maheswarappa, Inamuel Prince Devadason and G. Vijaybhaskar Reddy
Quality characteristics of emulsion based cooked chicken slices
containing different extenders

Darem Tabbaa, Monika Kr├╝ger, Aristarco Seimenis and Ahmad Hamedi

Global epidemiological patterns of emerging food-borne diseases - an overview

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