News in FLEISCHWIRTSCHAFT International 5/12

News in FLEISCHWIRTSCHAFT International 5/12

Contents of FLEISCHWIRTSCHAFT International No. 5, September 2012 Contents of FLEISCHWIRTSCHAFT International No. 5, September 2012

Focussing on the counter
What is new at InterMeat 2012?

The packaging chain under one roof

Hans-Wilhelm Windhorst:
Iowa – the centre of the US swine industry

Product Quality
Ulrich Schützeneder:
Weighing data provide quality indications

Axel Riebel:
Conditioned fresh air reduces consumption

Peter Schimitzek:
Adding value through automation

Cold Chain Logistics
Andreas Prüfig:
Reports deviations in real time

Raw Sausage Production
Gunther H. Lembke, Gregor Scheffer and Josef Schäfermeier:
Salami without backfat

Kurt Stark:
Efficient use of raw materials

Research & Development

O.P. Malav, B.D. Sharma, P. Goulakrishnan, S. Talukder and R. Ranjan Kumar:
Effect of water chestnut flour on quality characteristics and storage stability
– Investigations on restructured chicken meat blocks

E. Sánchez-Zapata, E. Sayas, J. A. Pérez-Álvarez and J. Fernández-López:
Fibre enrichment of a dry fermented sausage using tiger nut milk co-products as a fibre source

M. Stasiewicz, K. Lipinski and M. Cierach:
The effect of storage conditions on the quality characteristics of semi-coarsely ground cooked sausages

W. Branscheid, M. Judas, H. Wagner and K. Troeger:
Investigations on the characterisation of mechanically deboned broiler meat

M. Kiran, K. Sudhakar Reddy, K. Kondal Reddy, T. Madhav Rao and B.M. Naveena:
Effect of blade tenderisation and ammonium hydroxide marination
– Investigations on textural properties and microstructure of spent hen meat

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