News in FLEISCHWIRTSCHAFT International 5/11

News in FLEISCHWIRTSCHAFT International 5/11

Contents of FLEISCHWIRTSCHAFT International No. 5, September 2011 Contents of FLEISCHWIRTSCHAFT International No. 5, September 2011

Anuga Preview
Meat exports powering growth
Fair with more than 6,500 suppliers
Global growth opportunities

Meat Production
Hans-Wilhelm Windhorst
Regional concentration increases

Henk Hoogenkamp
A fast forward history of meat processing

Product Development
Claudia Durmus
Less salt thanks to intelligent mixtures

Christian Vestergaard, Aurélie Mauray and Jakob Søltoft-Jensen
Functional ingredients in meat products

Marie-Jo Leroy
Assistance for value engineering in meat

Scarlett Biselli, Marion Mandix, Lutz Hartig and Kerstin Roß
Routine screening provides safety

Information Platform
Christian Kagerer, Manfred Schoberth, Dominik Töller and Detert Brinkmann: IT structure facilitates the recording of results

Sherry Frey
Food for the next generation

Food Balance
Jos Bartels and Gé Backus
Why sustainable foods have a low market share

Research & Development

R. Rezler
Application of the technique of oscillation rheometry -
Investigations on meat raw materials and products

M. Gareis, J. Kabisch, R. Pichner and H. Hechelmann
Behaviour and survival of Salmonella spp. in minisalami

F. Çagiltay, N. Erkan, D. Tosun and A. Selçuk
Chemical composition of the frog legs (Rana ridibunda)

C.-Y. Lin, H.-Y. Kuo, M.-L. Lee, Y.-T. Liu, L.-C. Lin, R. Sakata and T.-C. Wan
Nutrient profile and colour determination from beef in Taiwan -
Comparison between buffalo, Holstein and imported Australian beef

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