News in FLEISCHWIRTSCHAFT International 5/08

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Monday, November 24, 2008

Contents of FLEISCHWIRTSCHAFT International No. 5, November 2008

World Meat Congress

Call for efficient and climate-friendly action

Energy Consumption

Richard Chambers: Double savings in chill rooms

Project Planning

Christian Falkenstein: Analysis and supervision

Refining Raw Materials

Eberhard Haack and Wolfram Schnäckel: From meat to emulsion – a single operation


Daniel Engeljohn: Manufacturers must take over responsibility

Cooling Logistics

Uwe Mehmel: Quality determinants in logistics


Stefan Schiffer: Needs-oriented solutions in demand

Joachim Hajek and Roland Czuday: Easy handling of all product types


Detert Brinkmann and Horst Eger: Ensure objectivity from stable to table


Retail and poultry show steep rise

Research & Development

E. Cáceres, M.L. García and M.D. Selgas: Conventional and fat-reduced cooked meat sausages enriched with folic acid

E. Obuz and E. Cesur: Effects of marinating on the chemical, sensorial and textural properties of chicken breast meat – Treatment of samples with sour cherry, pomegranate, orange, grape or apple juice

G. Holló, J. Seregi, I. Holló, K. Ender and K. Nürnberg: Effect of different diets on carcass composition and fat quality of Mangalica pigs

N. Gundogan and Ç. Doksanucoglu: Prevalence and antibiotic resistance of Arcobacter spp. isolated from chicken samples

M.N.P. Ummar, M.K. Chatli and D.K. Sharma: Efficacy of soy protein isolate as fat replacer on quality of low-fat buffalo meat patties

B. Ergönül, P. Günç Ergönül and E. Obuz: Chemical, textural and sensory traits of meatballs containing inulin and oligofructose as prebiotic additives

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