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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Contents of FLEISCHWIRTSCHAFT International No. 5, November 2007

Foreign Markets

China’s demand and plans grow
Exhibition, education and events combined
Top of the German meat industry league


Majda Hadolin Kolar, Simona Urbancic and Dushka Dimitrijevic: Rosemary extract protects sausage effectively
Friedemann Nau: All the ingredients influence the system

Functional Food

Peter Nitsch: Sensory quality retained


Peter Puscha and Patrick Klinger: The “intelligent” meatbox

Meat Quality

Friedrich Bauer and Karl-Otto Honikel: Meat – a food of high nutrient density
Errol V. Raghubeer: Technology appeared at the proper time


Arné Reinhart Meyer: Bio-packages to rise organic food’s estimation


Andrey B. Lisitsyn, Nina F. Neburchilova and Evgeniya A. Mishenina: Price system and economic laws conflicting

Research & Development

H. Melly, A.M. AL-Emadi, A.E. Arwana, Th. Alter, A. Hamedy and K. Fehlhaber: Prevalence of thermophilic Campylobacter spp. on broilers from Syrian chicken abattoirs

E. Syrovatski: Self-sharpening meat grinder cutting pairs

C. Saricoban, M. Karakaya and M. Tahsin Yilmaz: Effect of different proportions of mechanically and hand deboned chicken meat on chicken sausages – Parameters investigated were mineral composition, cholesterol content and TBARS values

K. Dietze, M. Lammers and W. Ternes: Effects of natural additives on warmed-over flavour (WOF) of dark turkey meat analysed with Dynamic Headspace GC/MS – Investigation of the influence of rosemary extract, tartaric acid, quercetine dihydrate and onion extract

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