News in FLEISCHWIRTSCHAFT International 4/12

News in FLEISCHWIRTSCHAFT International 4/12

Contents of FLEISCHWIRTSCHAFT International No. 4, August 2012 Contents of FLEISCHWIRTSCHAFT International No. 4, August 2012

Society increasingly expects animal welfare
Fifth quarter becomes more important

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Marinus F.W. te Pas, Bénédicte Lebret, Marie Damon, Bo Thomsen, Mariusz Pierzchala, Agnieszka Korwin-Kossakowska, Kui Li, Lars Kristensen, Jette F. Young, Birthe Pedersen and Niels Oksbjerg:
Predicting meat quality with biomarkers

Michael Trautwein:
Further refining the processing chain

Environmental Protection
Parisa Javadian Namin:
Efficiency right down the line

Food Safety
Henk Hoogenkamp:
Sodium: too much or too little?

Shelf life
Arabinda Ghosh:
Taylor cut packaging for meat products

Waste Reduction
Alan Davey:
Producing environmentally sound packaging

Food Safety
Ensuring safety across the food chain

Marc Büttgenbach:
Labelling in meat processing

Lisa Benson and Dave Payne:
Extending shelf life with active packaging

Waut Dooghe:
Protection against spoilage

Research & Development

A. Rybarczyk, A. Pietruszka, T. Karamucki and B. Matysiak:
The impact of carcass chilling techniques on the quality of pork

G. Özyurt, A. Simsek, M. Etyemez and Y. Özogul:
Effects of frying oil type on oxidative stability and fatty acid profiles of goatfish during cold storage– Investigations on oils made from sunflower, soybean, corn and canola

Chidanandaiah and Rajendra Kumar K:
Effect of flour combinations in batter mixes on sensory and physico-chemical quality of battered chicken

R. M. Khandagale, R. C. Keshri, P. Kumar and N. Mehta:

Optimisation of the level of fish flesh in pork nuggets and their storage studies

N.K. Pandey and A.S. Yadav:
Quality and shelf-life evaluation of egg cutlets prepared incorporating chicken meat

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