News in FLEISCHWIRTSCHAFT International 4/09

News in FLEISCHWIRTSCHAFT International 4/09

Contents of FLEISCHWIRTSCHAFT International No. 4, August 2009
Alessandro Teixeira:
Outstanding role in the segment of livestock

Segundo Pio Isaac Acuña:
The pleasure of eating Argentine beef

Pig Production
Albert Hortmann-Scholten:
Development trends up to 2020

Eberhard Haack:
High quality of task performance

Wilfried Lehnen:
More than just meat between two bread slices
Package Opening
Marcel Veenstra:
Self-service packaging for active seniors

Alfred Martynkewicz:
Individual wrapping for every product

Thermal Treatment
Ingmar Påhlsson:
Sanitation concerns have been top priority

Research & Development
R. Rezler: Effect of akoroma fats on mechanical and texture properties of comminuted sausages of various water content
R. Manteuffel-Groß and W. Ternes: Effects of marination on the aroma of pan-fried wild boar meat - Part 2: Buttermilk marinade
J. Djinovic, A. Popovic, M. Ristic, P. Freudenreich, A. Spiric and S. Saicic: Fatty acid composition of traditional beef and pork ham from Serbia
F. Pajor, E. Láczó, N. Slonina and P. Póti: Effect of linseed supplementation on meat and fat composition in Hungarian Merino ram lambs
M. Florek, Z. Litwiñczuk, P. Skałecki and T. Grodzicki: Colour of carcass and meat of calves slaughtered at different body weights
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