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Monday, September 01, 2008

Contents of FLEISCHWIRTSCHAFT International No. 4, September 2008


Wellness and bio products are the trends

Nutritive Value

Karl-Otto Honikel: Meat – an essential part of a balanced diet

Food Safety

Kyle D. Pfeiffer and Ranzell Nickelson II: Hazard not reasonably likely to occur


Hans-Jürgen Heinrich: Increasing productivity slice by slice

Jörg Fankhänel: Precise positioning of slices and packs

Refining Raw Materials

Eberhard Haack and Wolfram Schnäckel: Virtually unlimited combinations possible


Fresh meat in modified atmosphere packages – Status report

Stefan Dangel: Two fresh concepts – MAP versus skin

Smoke Flavouring

The green way to produce smoked meats


J. Comaposada, J. Arnau, M. Garriga, M. Xargayó, L. Freixanet, J. Bernardo, M. Corominas, P. Gou, J. Lagares and J. Ma Monfort: Development of new formats and products


Y.P. Gadekar, A.S.R. Anjaneyulu, G. Kandeepan, S.K. Mendiratta and N. Kondaiah: Safe pickle with improved sensory traits

Meat Quality

Mar Arteaga Vázquez and María F. Soto-Salanova: Influence of black bone on meat quality

Research & Development

Z. Pejkovski, D. Belichovska and K. Belichovska: The effects of adding carrot fibre in dry sausages

M.A. de Avila Souza and N.N. Terra: Antioxidant activities of sesame seed extracts in chicken thighs

O. Erkmen and A. Barazi: Influence of storage atmosphere modification on S. Typhimurium and natural flora in sucuk – Investigation of the bacteria survival in sucuk made with starter culture

P. Hašcík, M. Kacániová, M. Fikselová, S. Pavlicová, V. Kulíšek, K. Vavrišinová, S. Roychoudhury and H. Arpášová: Morphological, nutritional and biochemical indicators of pectorals of Perdix perdix from farm breeding

A. Khattar, J.P.S. Gill, J.S. Bedi, R.S. Aulakh and J.K. Sharma: Current contamination levels of HCH and DDT residues in pork of Punjab, India

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