News in FLEISCHWIRTSCHAFT International 4/07

News in FLEISCHWIRTSCHAFT International 4/07

Contents of FLEISCHWIRTSCHAFT International No. 4, September 2007


C. Larry Pope: “We think big and fast”

Worldwide Food Expo Preview

Whole food branch under one roof

Pressure Treatment

Errol V. Raghubeer: High pressure processing of seafood

Carcass Refrigeration

Ole Damgaard and Uffe Borup: Differentiated chilling improves meat quality

Anuga Preview

Many suppliers are returning to Anuga Meat

Organic Meat

John F. Solomon: Challenge for food manufacturers


Helmut Sparakowski: All sizes produced on one machine

Climate Control

Lars Hegerding and Achim Stiebing: Uniform ripening climate wanted

Sucuk Fermentation

Seçil Karabacak and Hüseyin Bozkurt: Natural antioxidant extracts more effective

Research & Development

J.N. Sofos: Meat decontamination in the US: an overview – Control of pathogens and management of food safety risks with meat and poultry products

E. Kurt and R. Klont: WHC of pork from Pietrain-sired pigs measured under different commercial slaughterhouse conditions in Germany – 2. Effect of gender and 50 per cent Duroc genetics within the female line

S. Fischer: High pressure treatment of meat products – Effects of cover gas atmosphere and vacuum on qualitative parameters of raw frying sausage

M.À. Oliver, M. Gil, N. Panella, J. Arnau, M. Contreras, S. Morera and J. Polo: Effect of stabilised pork haem pigment addition on the colour of cooked hams from PSE meat

K. Groenlund, J.A. Boles and J. Swan: Cooked turkey roasts have different processing characteristics then cooked beef roasts

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