News in FLEISCHWIRTSCHAFT International 3/11

News in FLEISCHWIRTSCHAFT International 3/11

Contents of FLEISCHWIRTSCHAFT International No. 3, June 2011

How to handle EHEC
Public health advice on prevention of foodborne illness caused by EHEC


Christian Kordel and Jens Hauschildt
Two machines - one team

Marta Xargayó, Josep Lagares, Eva Fernández, Daniel Sanz and Laura Reixache
Automation of the thermal process

Markus Nille
Production parameters for raw sausage

Michael Erkes
Cultures optimise raw cured products

Andre Budesheim
Safe meat products with a good taste

Markus Bernasconi
The influence of water activity in meat

Axel Graefe
Keeping water in and fat out

Stephan Busche
Collagen based functional proteins

Food Safety
Tadeusz Matuszek
Hygienic requirements in the meat industry

Henk W. Hoogenkamp
Protein performance in emulsion stability

Natural Casings
R. Sakata, T. Oshida, T. Nishiumi, H. Yoon and M. Waga
A new tenderiser for hog casings

Research & Development
S.K. Das, P.P. Pazhaniandi, V.K. Tanwar, S. Biswas and A. Khan
Effect of sorghum flour and finger millet flour as fat replacers for preparing low cost chicken - Investigation on some physical and sensory properties of chicken patties

N. Erkan, S.Y. Tosun, D.Ü. Alakavuk and S. Ulusoy
Antimicrobial effects of additives on vacuum packaged hot smoked fish - Effects of sage and grape seed oils on microbial growth and quality in hot-smoked sea bream fillets

A. Rybarczyk, T. Karamucki, J. Gardzielewska, M. Jakubowska and W. Natalczyk-Szymkowska
Effect of carcass conformation on the meat quality - Investigations with pigs free of the stress susceptibility gene (CC/RYR1)

T. Daszkiewicz, D. Kubiak, R. Winarski and M. Cwalina
The quality characteristics of meat from wild red deer stags, hinds and calves

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