News in FLEISCHWIRTSCHAFT International 3/10

News in FLEISCHWIRTSCHAFT International 3/10

Contents of
FLEISCHWIRTSCHAFT International No. 3, June 2010

Claus Deblitz:
Where beef is produced at lowest costs

Food Safety
Roger Mann:
Securing confidence and business

Dennis Seman:
Validation and verification being essential

J.D. Stopforth, H. Kroon, P. Sijtsema, D. Visser and E.W. Bontenbal:
Effectively reducing sodium content

T. Lickert, M. Badewien, G. Vorwold, D. Albers, S. Töpfl and A. Knoch:
Many new configuration options

Friedemann Nau:
Compensating fluctuations in raw material

Ulf Hansen and Jörg Hoja:
Frying on cast iron pans

Coupling concentrates to traditional use

Shelf Life
Tal Leizer:
Advanced packaging technology

Vera Belaya and Timea Török:
Beef consumption expected to grow

Research & Development

S.P. Suman, R.A. Mancini, R. Ramanathan and M.R. Konda: Modified atmosphere packaging influences premature browning in beef Longissimus lumborum steaks

H. Gajewska-Szczerbal and H.M. Baranowska
: Water holding properties in pork Longissimus dorsi muscle due to two different injection techniques

R. Sakata, A.T. Okatani, H. Tanabe and S. Yano
: Rheological and macrobiological properties of soft sausage developed for the elderly

R.K. Aulakh, H.S. Sehgal, G.K. Sehgal and S.S. Thind:
Effect of processing and storage on mineral content of two (carp) value-added fish products

K.S. Rathod, P.N. Zanjad and R.K. Ambadkar:
Effect of dehydration temperature as hurdle on shelf life of ready-to-eat chicken curry

J.-F. Hocquette, F. Gondret, E. Baéza, F. Médale, C. Jurie and D.W. Pethick
: Biomarkers of meat fat content - a review

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