News in FLEISCHWIRTSCHAFT International 3/09

News in FLEISCHWIRTSCHAFT International 3/09

Contents of FLEISCHWIRTSCHAFT International
No. 3, June 2009

New Technologies
Stefan Toepfl and Volker Heinz:
New options for targeted product modification

High Pressure Processing
George J. Flick, Jr.:
Thought and substantial lab research required

F. Purroy, C. Tonello, C. de Celis, M. Jesús Alonso and A. Hernando:
Considered as an alternative technique

Alfonso Lampen:
Many questions still remain unanswered

Product Safety
A. Hartmann, L. Behr, G. Untiedt, T. Wilke and R. Erdmann:
Effectiveness depends on temperature

Jeff J. Sindelar:
Thorough understanding of the basics needed

Ready Dishes
Ralf Kreuzmüller:
Influential role for frozen food range

Research & Development
E. Piotrowska, W. Dolata, H.M. Baranowska, R. Rezler and D. Niedbała:
Quality of chopped sausages with additives produced under large-scale production conditions

R. Manteuffel-Groß and W. Ternes:
Effects of marination on the aroma of pan-fried wild boar meat - Part 1: Red wine marinade

K. Candogan, Ü. Ensoy, S˛. Tagı, N. Kolsarıcı and A.K. Halkman:
Quality characteristics of Turkish raw meatballs produced from turkey meat

A. Huang, S. Sirisansaneeyakul, Z. Chen, S. Liu and Y. Chisti:
Microbiology of Chinese Xuanwei ham production

R. Rezler: Rheological properties of meat batters with added transglutaminase

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