News in FLEISCHWIRTSCHAFT International 3/08

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Monday, June 30, 2008

Contents of FLEISCHWIRTSCHAFT International No. 3, June 2008

China Country Special

The world’s most powerful driving force

Lothar Leistner: Traditional and recent Chinese meat products

First joint exhibition platform at CIMA 2008

Happiness begins with a full stomach

Jie Bai, Wengang Jin, Guanghong Zhou, Xinglian Xu and Ping Hu: Freezing regime determines properties

Guo Huiyong and Guo Xin: Processed meat products grow fastest

Michael Kyle: Grading upgrades meat to be a strategic product

Hermann J. Schlöder: German products enjoy high regard


Peter Nitsch: Product character determined by many factors

Liquid Smoke

Achim Stiebing: EU-legislators to privilege smoke flavourings

Cryogenic Gases

Jon Trembley: Identifying the choices for cryogenic freezing


Temperature control crucial for product quality


Karl-Otto Honikel: Meat products not responsible for overweight

Research Project

Maren Bruns and Mette Christensen: Quality of pork and pork products to improve

Research & Development

Chidanandaiah and R.C. Keshri: Effect of carboxymethylcellulose coating with preservatives on the quality of meat patties during refrigerated storage

O. Erkmen: Fate of Listeria monocytogenes and natural flora in experimentally contaminated sucuks during ripening and storage

W.-D. Müller and I. Dederer: Spore inactivation in cooked sausage – Studies on extending the shelf life of canned cooked sausages by high pressure and heat treatment

K. Manpreet, J.K. Sharma, J.P.S. Gill, R.S. Aulakh, J.S. Bedi and H.S. Sehgal: Monitoring of organochlorine pesticides in marketable freshwater fish in Punjab, India

M. Yonehara, M. Izumimoto, E. Li and P. Pipek: Heme protein defends DNA damage – Blood sausage is a healthy food

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