News in FLEISCHWIRTSCHAFT International 2/12

News in FLEISCHWIRTSCHAFT International 2/12

Contents of FLEISCHWIRTSCHAFT International No. 2, April 2012 Contents of FLEISCHWIRTSCHAFT International No. 2, April 2012

World Meat Congress
Events: Proudly producing and trading meat

AMI Preview
Four co-located education and trade events
Getting input from speaking sessions

Henk Hoogenkamp:
Application of vegetable protein ingredients

Bernard Martin and Klaus Meyer:
Using renewable raw materials

Product Safety
Maren Brasse:
Safe foods in appetising brown

Michail Faivishevsky, Ludmila Paschenko, Elena Kurchaeva and Valeria Paschenko:
Components of bones for food products

Christian Kordel:
One machine for all products

Sandra Engel, Holger Kruse and Stefan Dälken:
Increased productivity through speed

Food Safety
Carsten Jensen and John Eggers Fohlmann:
Removal of bone splinters

Toshiya Hayashi and Ryoichi Sakata:
Managing global challenges

Research & Development

Irene Galán, M. Luisa García and M. Dolores Selgasz:
Bioaccessibility of folic acid added to ready-to-eat meat products

S. P. Suman, P. Joseph, K. M. McClelland, S. Li, G. Rentfrow and Y. L. Xiong:
Ginger extract improves tenderness of whole-muscle beef Biceps femoris

Rohtraud Pichner, Eva Ziegler, Susanne Eckardt, Jan Kabisch, Hansgeorg Hechelmann and Manfred Gareis:
Optimised detection and isolation of Cl. Estertheticum and Cl. estertheticum-like organisms - Investigations on vacuum-packed beef

Bo-Anne Rohlík and Petr Pipek:
Rosemary extract and its affect on meat products' properties

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