News in FLEISCHWIRTSCHAFT International 2/10

News in FLEISCHWIRTSCHAFT International 2/10

Contents of
No. 2, April 2010

IFFA Preview
The leading trade fair on track for success

What's new at IFFA 2010

Andrew Cookson:
Cross-border sales more common in future

Ronald E. Klont, Esra Kurt, Lourens Heres and Bert Urlings: Entire males – challenges and opportunities

Richard Mancini and Ranjith Ramanathan:
Out-competing myoglobin for oxygen

Jens Leps and Afrim Hamidi:
A case for more stringent hygiene measures

New Technologies
Errol Raghubeer and Glenn Hewson:
Well balanced cost-performance ratio

Helmut Steinkamp:
Improving hygiene and monitoring

Joanna Bestry, Andreas Hengse and Mark Bücking:
Securing quality and optimising processes

J. Comaposada, J. Arnau, G. Ferrini, D. Sanz, M. Xargayó, L. Freixanet, J. Bernardo, J. Lagares and J. Mª Monfort:
Better control of process and product quality

Björn-Martin Werth:
Mould and yeast coating can be tolerated

Jean-Pierre Garnier:
Prospects in a declining production

Brigitte Petersen and Martin Hamer:
Quality management – from West to East

Christian Ziegfeld:
Steering price perception

Research & Development

R. Fries, N. Langkabel, N. Bandick and G. Arndt: Meat inspection results of fattening pigs as related to circumstances on the farm of origin

A. Heid and U. Hamm: Determinants of consumer acceptance of alternatives to piglet castration without anaesthesia – a review

A. Schmid: Bioactive substances in meat and meat products

A.V. Ustinova and D.A. Lazutin: Ostrich meat – promising raw materials for healthy products
A. Uzun and H. Bozkurt: Changes in headspace flavour component composition and texture of kavurma during cooking process

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