News in FLEISCHWIRTSCHAFT International 2/09

News in FLEISCHWIRTSCHAFT International 2/09

Contents of FLEISCHWIRTSCHAFT International No. 2, April 2009

Meat Production

Hans-Wilhelm Windhorst:
Crisis crunch in Canada – Part 2


Frederic Ballber:
Complete functional systems in demand


Paul Konstantinidis:
Global business to respect local customs

Plant Fibre

Jürgen Fischer:
Risk reduction by consuming dietary fibre

Animal Welfare

Karen von Holleben:
Intelligent prevention of fail stunning


Atilla Karka:
Specialist know-how makes the difference

Natural Casings

Joris J. Wijnker:
Virus inactivation through salt preservation

Food Safety

Henk R. Hoogenkamp:
Your enemy’s foe is your friend

Research & Development

E. Jacyno, A. Ko³odziej, A. Pietruszka, M. Kawecka, B. Matysiak and D. Stepien-Poleszak: Meat quality of pigs fed on L-carnitine-supplemented and high-iron diet

G. Hugenschmidt, R. Hadorn, D. Guggisberg, P. Silacci, D. Scherrer, M. Haldimann, M. Scheeder and C. Wenk: Destructurations in cooked cured ham – Chemical and physical characterisation of defects in processed products

G. Kaban: Identification and characterisation of catalase positive cocci isolated from pastirma

A. Kuzelov and O. Kirovska Cigulevska: Application of a new micro-enzymatic preparation in processing of canned beef meat products

M. Karwowska, Z.J. Dolatowski and H.M. Baranowska: Effect of added buckwheat and oat extrudates on WHC and microstructure of ground beef patties

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