News in FLEISCHWIRTSCHAFT International 2/08

by Editor
Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Contents of FLEISCHWIRTSCHAFT International No. 2, April 2008

Interpack 2008

Functionality, recyclability and design combined

Meat Processing

Eduard Syrovatski: Experts’ quality demands being met

Food Safety

Klaus Meyer: Need for better hygiene of equipment

Winfried Wolf: Hygienic design both inside and outside

Functional Food

Peter Nitsch: Trick allows effective dosing


Herbert Weber: Fine nose for consumer trends

Functional Additives

Mary Descamps: No allergens and non-GMO

Andreas Vogelbacher: Save costs and meet consumers’ demands

Shelf Life

Basappa M. Naveena and Napa Kondaiah: Pomegranate as antioxidant – an overview


Procedure determines product variety

Market Analysis

Deep-rooted capacity and quality problems

Research & Development

J. Leszczynska, A. £acka and I. Majak: ELISA for the determination of carnitine in meat

R.R. Kumar and B.D. Sharma: Optimisation of the basic formulation and processing conditions for the preparation of patties from meat of spent hens

C. Werner, M. Nagel and M. Wicke: Influence of genetic, sex and lairage duration on the incidence of hemorrhages in different broiler muscles after slaughter

R. Thomas, A.S.R. Anjaneyulu, S.K. Mendiratta and N. Kondaiah: Natural antioxidants as hurdles in sausages – Natural antioxidants as hurdles to improve the quality of shelf stable pork sausages at ambient temperature storage

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