News in FLEISCHWIRTSCHAFT International 1/10

News in FLEISCHWIRTSCHAFT International 1/10

Contents of FLEISCHWIRTSCHAFT International
No. 1, February 2010

Henry von Rège:
Guaranteeing food hygiene safety levels

Hans-Robert Koch and Heinz Schmitt:
A clean and simple solution

Peter W. Wareing:
Management commitment is the key factor

Henk W. Hoogenkamp:
Boarding the rice bran bandwagon – Part 2

Yuan Brad Kim, Elisabeth Huff-Lonergan and Steven M. Lonergan:
Lower oxygen or addition of antioxidants

Oddvin Sørheim and Nina Veflen Olsen:
Improving quality and shelf life

Daniel S. Miller and Chad H. Donicht:
Vital components contributing to success

Dan G. Siegel:
Oxygen free packaging recommended

David Ziolko:
Milestone in slicing raw cured meat products

Kai Schildwächter:
Pave the way for a unique identity

Vera Belaya and Timea Török:
Import dependency on meat products grows

Research & Development

N. Berry, A. Johnson, S.M. Lonergan, T. Baas, J. Hill, C. Schultz Kaster, J. Matthews,
L. Karriker and K. Stalder:
Loading gantry vs. traditional chute –
Effect on fresh pork loin quality attributes when properly loaded

G. Kaban and M. Kaya: Volatile compounds of traditionally produced pastirma

Chidanandaiah and R.C. Keshri:
Effect of pectin coating with preservatives on buffalo meat patties’ quality during storage

W. Peng, H. Ping, Z. Yufeng, H. Minyi, F. Ying, X. Xinglian and Z. Guanghong:
Sensory properties of blood curd related to results of approved mechanical

V. Appa Rao, G. Thulasi, S. Wilfred Ruban and P. Thangaraju:
Certain carcass characteristics of non-descript buffaloes

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