New poultry farm well advanced

New poultry farm well advanced

Namibia will produce its own chickens locally as from March next year, as the construction of a N$500 mill. broiler project on the farm Klein Okapuka between Windhoek and Okahandja is underway. The project is to make Namibia self-sufficient in the supply of chickens.

The chicken production venture will be spearheaded by Namib Poultry Industries (NPI). Owners of the project, Namib Mills and Feedmaster have been planning the poultry project for the past nine years.

NPI forms part of the Namib Mills Industries (NMI) Namibia group of companies, which include Namib Mills (Pty) Limited and Feedmaster (Pty) Ltd. Construction started on 28 April this year and more than N$150 million has already been invested in the construction of the plant and the purchase of equipment. Overall MNI Namibia will invest N$150 mill., the Industrial Development Corporation (IDC) N$150 mill. and a loan of N$186.5 mill. will be secured from Bank Windhoek.

The farm of 3,500 hectares will consist of a breeder farm with six rearing houses and 12 laying houses. It will produce close to 325 000 hatchable eggs per week. It will also consists of a hatchery producing 250 000 day-old chicks per week, a broiler farm with seven sites where the day-old chicks are grown to be slaughtered in the abattoir and a state-of-the-art abattoir with a rendering and water treatment facility.

Frozen, fresh, as well as value-added products will be produced in the new meat plant. In the near future NPI will also export chickens to other markets such as Angola.

The project will employ close to 450 people permanently when in full production towards the end of March 2012. The construction phase of the project currently employs 298 unskilled Namibians and close to 50 skilled Namibian and South African employees.
Source: Namib Mills Industries (NMI)