New organisation: Danish Agriculture and Food Council

by Editor
Tuesday, July 07, 2009

The new Danish Agriculture and Food Council (Landbrug og Fødevarer) will represent the agricultural and food industry of Denmark, which encompasses the many companies and organisations involved in Danish farm-ing and agribusiness.

The new organisation is the result of a merger between the Danish Agricultural Council (Landbrugsrådet), Danish Slaughterhouses (Danske Slagterier), the Danish Meat Association, Danish Pig Production (Dansk Svineproduktion), Danish Agriculture (Dansk Landbrug) - which also includes the Danish Agricultural Media Centre (Dansk Landbrugs Medier) and the Danish Agricultural Advisory Service (Dansk Landbrugs-rådgivning). The new organisation will also undertake a range of key tasks for the Danish Dairy Board (Me-jeriforeningen).

Agriculture and food are Denmark’s largest industry and innovation grouping, employing some 150,000 people and exporting agricultural products and equipment to a value of around €15 billion.

The Danish Agriculture and Food Council has been created to safeguard the interests of the industry and to enhance its political influence and reputation both in Denmark and internationally. It will provide advice and a range of services for all its members in the field of political and industry-related issues.

The creation of the Danish Agriculture and Food Council will gather the interests of the industry into a sin-gle organisation, thus strengthening the link between farming and its end consumers and enhancing the industry’s role as a unifying and influential force. The new streamlined organisation will also produce syn-ergies within a broad and diverse sector and deliver a more efficient and less costly service to its members.

In addition to providing a comprehensive range of services for its members, the Danish Agriculture and Food Council will work to ensure that political factors and the market environment, both domestically and internationally, do not impair the dynamic development of Denmark’s farming and food industries. It will also seek to promote a better understanding of its contribution to the Danish economy and society as a whole.