New information system about beef production ...

New information system about beef production chain

The CNA (Brazilian Agriculture and Livestock Confederation) launched the PGA (Agricultural and Livestock Management Platform), which will hold all digital and online information relating to the registration and transporting of cattle throughout the Brazilian territory.

The PGA will be administered by MAPA (Ministry of Agriculture, Cattle Rearing and Food Supply), providing a transparent and fast way to collect information about the country's beef production chain.

With the integration of various control systems, including sanitation, for the entire country, national and foreign consumers can now feel even safer when it comes to Brazilian meat.

CNA President Kátia Abreu said that Brazil's meat exports had grown by almost 300% over the last 20 years and that they had the right conditions to produce even more, in a sustainable manner, and enter new markets. But that required a fast, modern information system. She went on to stress that The PGA offered the conditions needed for Brazil to consolidate its significant position as a producer and exporter of beef.

Last year, the country became the top exporter of beef in the world, with 1.4 million tons CWE (Carcass Weight Equivalent), and second largest producer, with 9.2 million tons CWE.

The PGA's and 27 Brazilian States' systems will be integrated over the following couple of months, allowing for the collection of information from all the producing regions over the vast 8.5 million square kilometres that make up the national territory. All information regarding the Brazilian herd will be available in digital format as of the 1st of June, 2012, and stored in a Single Data Warehouse at the Ministry of Agriculture.

In addition to the Single Data Warehouse, the new PGA will also contain two other modules, with information from SISBOV (Brazilian Bovine and Bubaline Identification and Certification System Brazilian) and SIGSIF (Management Information System of the Federal Inspection System). These two systems will be launched by the end of 2012.

Minister of Agriculture Mendes Ribeiro Filho believes that the PGA will make consumers, at home and abroad, feel safer about Brazilian beef. He explained that the model, which is initially focusing on livestock, will expand to include other areas in the future.

Senator Kátia Abreu stressed that the cooperation agreement signed between the CNA and MAPA, in 2009, allowed the development of the PGA and thus the systems being presented, including to countries that import Brazilian meat.
Source: Brazilian Agriculture and Livestock Confederation