Essentia: New global company for protein solu...

New global company for protein solutions


USA, Ankeny On March 1, 2015, Proliant Meat Ingredients, BHJ Ingredients, and Proliant Health became Essentia, a new global company in the protein industry.

All three companies are owned by the Lauridsen Group Incorporated (LGI), and as Essentia, expect to build on the companies’ role as a strategic provider of protein solutions to the food, beverage, health and nutrition industries.

Essentia offers alternatives to traditional proteins like whey, egg, and soy proteins and is operating in four core business categories:

  • functional proteins

  • stocks / broths / flavours / fats (also called SBFF)

  • health and nutrition

  • fish products

According to Chris Snyder, President and CEO of Essentia, “Our mission is to create and deliver value to customers and all stakeholders through novel protein solutions. Our strategy is to leverage our combined expertise and innovation and be present in every aisle of grocery, health, and nutrition stores.”
Source: Essentia

Essentia USA


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