New company headquarters for Poly-clip System

by Editor
Friday, January 27, 2012

Precisely on schedule the company in the field of clip closure technology has moved into its new company headquarters in Hattersheim am Main, Germany.

On an area of about 20,000 m², clipping machines and automation solutions will be produced there using state-of-the art production technology and optimised production logistics. The head office, including design, development, sales and production, together with the approximately 250 employees are now established in the new company headquarters. The move had become a necessity, as the old Frankfurt site no longer offered any possibility for expansion. The technology and market leader has invested over € 40m in the new site.

For managing director Dr Joachim Meyrahn, Poly-clip System's new building represents a milestone in the company's history. More modern, more efficient and better communication - everyone will work under one roof. All employees will access their workplaces 'via' Production, i.e. the place of value creation. Transparency and communication will be boosted by the fact that everyone can see into every office, as well as into Production. Short routes, direct daylight and energy saving architecture, as far as possible obviating the need for additional cooling, ensure an optimum and innovative work environment.

As about 80% of production is exported, Poly-clip System consciously decided in favour of Hattersheim, as a location close to Frankfurt Airport. The excellent connections with public transport make it easy for the employees to reach the new place of work. To avoid the new company headquarters soon also becoming too small, an area of 45,000 m² has been acquired on the new Niedeckerstraße 1 site. The company has a global workforce of 700, is one of the 20 most successful family firms, and owns 800-plus patents wordlwide