New case of AI confirmed in UK

by Editor
Wednesday, May 30, 2007

An outbreak of low pathogenic Avian Influenza H7N2 has been confirmed in a small poultry flock in North Wales.

All movements on and off the premises have been prohibited since 23 May 2007. In addition, a 1km restriction zone has been put in place around the infected premises.

A full epidemiological investigation is underway to determine the source of this outbreak.

Detailed investigations are ongoing including laboratory testing to rule out disease in a small number of people who have shown some clinical symptoms of Avian Influenza.

This mild form of bird flu generally presents in people with mild flu-like symptoms. It can also cause conjunctivitis.

Strict measures have been put in place to protect the health of the public. This is the same approach that was adopted during the recent H5N1 outbreak in Suffolk (antivirals have been given to those who have been in contact with the birds, and the cull and clean-up operation).