New EU rules for import of US quality beef

by Editor
Thursday, June 09, 2011

EU regulation No 521/2011 sets new rules on the import of quality beef from the U.S. to the Europe, starting from 1 July.

According to the existing regulation (EC) No 620/2009 providing for the administration of an import tariff quota for high-quality beef only companies can apply for import licenses, which have already imported at least 100 tonnes in the last two years. The reason given for the action is that no "speculative applications on the issue of import licenses" should be made, which possibly cannot be fulfilled and then might forfeit. Rather, it will ensure that the licenses "genuine imports" are awarded.

20,000 tonnes not hormonally treated beef of less than 30 months old heifers and steers are delivered to the EU from the U.S. The EU regulation also clarifies the requirements for the food of the animals from which the meat is traded - at least for the last 100 days.