New CEO apointed with Solbar

by Editor
Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Under the new ownership of Solbar Industries Ltd., Israel, Shaul Shelach has been appointed CEO.

Shelach replaces Uri Eshel who returned to serve as CEO during the period of Solbar's reorganisation in 2006/2007.

Shelach (52) brings to Solbar a wealth of management experience at the major Israeli food company Elite-Straus and globally with Unilever. He graduated with a BSC in Industrial Engineering and MBA from Tel Aviv University.

This year, Solbar will feature a growing range of isolated soy proteins, designed for food and meal supplement applications, and soy isoflavones for innovative health & wellness applications.

Contex textured soy concentrates and Bontex steam-textured soy proteins continue to be a key ingredient in the extension of pasteurised and retorted meat products, vegetarian meals and pot noodle-type soups.

Solbar Industries Ltd. manufactures a wide range of functional soy protein concentrates, isolated soy proteins, textured soy concentrates and flours, soy protein concentrates, lecithin and soy isoflavones. It has two production sites in Israel, and a specialty protein facility in China.