NPB announces new welfare and food-safety aud...

NPB announces new welfare and food-safety audit


Pork producers, packers and processors have a new common swine industry auditing tool, the National Pork Board (NPB) announced.

The industry's audit platform is now certified by the Professional Animal Auditor Certification Organization (PAACO). PAACO builds on the existing Pork Quality Assurance Plus (PQA Plus) program and expands it to serve as a single common audit platform.

The Common Swine Industry audit and the PAACO-certified AMI meat plant welfare audit expand the scope of swine welfare validation/auditing to cover swine production chain from breeding through slaughter, according to PAACO. Key components of the common audit platform include a new audit tool, instructions for auditors, biosecurity protocols and a platform that will allow audit results to be shared to prevent duplication. The audit tool is ready for implementation following beta-tests on farms across the United States, the NPB noted.
Source: The National Pork Board


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