NCBA backs Arizona growers on border security...

NCBA backs Arizona growers on border security plan

Members of the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (NCBA) approved a number of resolutions to guide the association’s policy efforts in Washington, DC.

According to their official blog “Beltway Beef” the NCBA passed the resolutions during the membership meeting at the culmination of the annual Cattle Industry Summer Conference. One of the pressing issues facing the NCBA members right now was the out-of-control situation at the U.S.-Mexico border, NCBA President Steve Foglesong said. The lack of border security continued to pose a serious threat, not only to those living and working along the border, but to the entire nation, in terms of personal safety, health, economic welfare and the environment, Foglesong went on.

NCBA members resolved to support an 18-point “Restore Our Border” plan developed by the Arizona Cattle Growers’ Association. The plan includes securing the border along the international boundary; adding sufficient personnel to secure the border; providing the personnel with all the modern technology and resources necessary to enforce security at the international boundary; and enhancing civil and governmental communications to provide full coverage throughout the border region.

A second resolution calls for full authority for federal agencies and state and local authorities to secure the border, including the suspension of all pending legislation and funding for federal-land designations along the border. Federally-owned lands along the border with certain designations such as “wilderness areas” provide unfettered access for illegal cross-border activities by restricting the motorised access of federal agents responsible for patrolling the land.

Source: National Cattlemen’s Beef Association