More beef exports from Australia to South Asia

by Editor
Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Australian beef exports to South-East Asia/Chinas during the March quarter reached the highest level on record for any quarter, jumping 58% compared with the same quarter last year, to 26,623 tonnes swt. Records were also achieved for chilled and frozen shipments to the region, at 3,023 tonnes swt and 23,600 tonnes swt, respectively.

Indonesia continued to be the leading export destination for Australian beef in South-East Asia/Chinas, with a record quarterly volume sent from Australia reaching 11,718 tonnes swt – more than double the shipments during January to March 2008. Exports to Taiwan proved to be strongest in six years, at 6,286 tonnes swt, as the lower A$ kept Australian beef competitively priced compared with product from other suppliers such as US beef. Trade to the Philippines, Malaysia and Thailand were also at their highest in many years while shipments to China and Hong Kong all reached a new record.

Shipments to South-East Asia/Chinas continued to be dominated with manufacturing beef, representing 36% of the total exports during January to March, the majority of which were sent to Indonesia and the Philippines. Shin shank was the second most popular cut sent to the region, with Taiwan taking the bulk of the exports of this cut in the region. An increasing volume of blade or clod was also shipped to Indonesia during the March quarter, making it the third most popular item in the region.