Miratorg looks to Belarus for cattle supplies

Miratorg looks to Belarus for cattle supplies

The Russian integrated meat and food producer Miratorg is considering procuring cattle from Belarus to supply Russia's largest meat processing plant, which the company runs in the Bryansk region next year.

With the support of the Russian government and the local government in the Bryansk region the projects is one of the largest beef production enterprises in Europe with 110,000 breeding cows and a high-tech slaughter and processing plant processing 400,000 animals a year.

The plan to have Belarusian cattle supplying the Miratorg meat processing plant was discussed at a working meeting of the Bryansk region governor Nikolai Denin and the official delegation of the region with the President and Prime Minister of Belarus, last week.

In 2010, Miratorg embarked on a project to produce high quality beef breeds in the Bryansk region in order to develop domestic production of meat and provide Russian consumers with quality beef. This became the basis of a breeding programme with Aberdeen Angus breed cattle brought to the Miratorg farm from the US and Australia. According to Miratorg, the breed offers excellent meat quality and high production efficiency in the Russian climate.

The full production cycle includes 33 cattle farms, 110,000 Aberdeen Angus breeding cows, feedlots for fattening up to 45,000 animals for slaughter at one time and a high tech processing and slaughter plant with a slaughter capacity of 100 head an hour.

The planned investment in the project comes to more than 24 billion rubles.
Source: Miratorg