Middleby acquires Armor Inox

Middleby acquires Armor Inox

Foodservice equipment supplier The Middleby Corporation announced in December 2011 it has acquired the French company Armor Inox, a leading manufacturer of thermal processing systems for the food processing industry with some $25 million in annual revenues.

The acquisition affords Middleby ownership of Armor Inox technologies including its Thermix cooking system, the company noted.

Armor Inox is the latest in a number of properties Middleby has recently acquired in a big growth spurt. In the last 18 months alone, Middleby also has scooped up Auto-Bake, Cozzini, Danfotech, Drake, and Maurer-Atmos. The company's portfolio had already included Alkar, MP Equipment and RapidPak.

Middleby Chairman and CEO Selim A. Bassoul said in a news release that they had assembled a very strong lineup of globally recognized brands and a portfolio of complementary industry leading technologies. While completing the integration of these newly acquired brands, Middleby also sees significant opportunity to realize operational efficiencies amongst the expanded Food Processing Equipment Group.

Since acquired last July by The Middleby Corporation, Maurer-Atmos has greatly improved global distribution and has re-established steady sales growth and increased market share as the Maurer-Atmos brand prospers in the international meat industry.

The Middleby commitment brought substantial investment in new technologies, especially in conjunction with Alkar.
Source: Middleby Corporation