Micvac: Nominated for SACCNY-Deloitte Green A...

Nominated for SACCNY-Deloitte Green Award


SWEDEN, Mölndal. Swedish food tech company Micvac has been nominated for the prestigious annual SACCNY – Deloitte Green Award to be held during the 2018 Sustainology Summit in New York.

The Sustainology Summit, hosted by the Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce, showcases a cutting-edge field of Swedish and American experts from within the food industry. Focusing on technology and innovation, academics, politicians, entrepreneurs, chefs, sustainability experts and executives use this platform to highlight the latest food tech innovations.

For this high-profile event four companies have been nominated for their sustainability solutions as part of the SACCNY – Deloitte Green Award. Companies nominated for the award must have a proven track record in environmental excellence.

Micvac has developed a chilled ready-meal production method that utilises in-pack cooking and pasteurisation in one continuous process. Key to this process are the Micvac microwave tunnel as well as Micvac’s patented packaging components: the Micvac tray and the unique Micvac valve. This method leads to reduced food waste, high levels of food safety, greater cost efficiency and significant energy savings all along the value chain.

“We are very honoured to receive this nomination,” says Michael Bogdanski, CEO of Micvac. “It gives us the opportunity to present the advantages of the Micvac method to an expert audience.”

The Micvac method enables shelf life of up to sixty days without preservatives, compared to the typical five-day shelf life for other chilled ready meals. This extended shelf life reduces spoilage in stores and at home while at the same time keeping food fresh and tasty. “Consumer research in the UK shows that consumers would throw away less food if they could buy a good quality meal prepared in a natural way and with longer shelf life,” adds Michael Bogdanski.

Furthermore, the method itself is very energy efficient. Less precooking and less cooking of food in automatic cookers or large-scale industry appliances leads to savings in energy and resources. Less water is needed for washing and cleaning as no wasted ingredients remain in containers. Moreover, Micvac packages are extremely compact which in turn leads to energy savings during transport.

Source: Micvac